Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our People

To offer the finest level of products and services available on the market. The team at SIL Uganda is composed of specialists in diverse but complimentary technical disciplines.

Our multidisciplinary team backed by effective management systems places us in a unique position to provide you with the highest quality in both products and service delivery.

Proposed Expansions in the Natural Organic Arts

Uganda as a nation has a strong cultural business opportunity and has the greatest tourist component of the Nation and has been developed for quite a while. Within the last couple of years there has been a growing awareness and appreciation of indigenous people’s art. There is a saying that “Art that stays alive keeps a culture alive.” Currently, international recognition of and appreciation for the Uganda’s cultural riches is at the forefront of the market’s growth, with many opportunities for export within the well established markets locally and abroad. In a bid to respond to this need SIL Uganda wants to venture in new opportunities of opening the first ever organic markets in Uganda more so in Kampala and Entebbe.

Value to you and your Organisation

The economic development has added an extra spin to the rate of change in the business world today. To remain competitive requires that SIL Uganda is able to adapt artwork as a strong cultural component for our business.


Shop No.20,

National Theatre Craft Village,

P.O. Box 8960/4475,

Kampala, Uganda.

Phone: +256 772 443085

Phone: +256 772 612389

Phone: +256 312 273756


What We Do

Natural Organic Arts: Retail Gift Shop

SIL Uganda sells a diverse range of high quality natural organic crafts to tourists, the local Uganda customers at fair mark up prices. The gift shop’s largest pieces include totem poles, large bentwood boxes, masks, paintings, back cloth, paintings, baskets, ebony carvings and sculptures.

The majority of the Retail gift shop space is devoted to smaller, more affordable pieces such as finely carved small masks, small sculptures, prints, hand-carved and cast jewellery (in silver, gold, copper, precious and semi-precious stones), intricate beadwork, unique clothing and accessories. This diverse range of products that are consistently high quality ensures that tourists are encouraged to purchase items, without sacrificing either end of the potential market and its respective customer groupings.

All products sold at SIL Uganda are mostly made in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, with 95% of the inventory coming from local native artists. The highest selling products are hand-carved silver jewellery (rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants), clothing (many styles from fleece vests, T-shirts, leather wear, high fashions available) and gift ideas such as frames, vases, and framed art cards.

Overall all sales are broken down into the following 9 categories, in order of revenue generated:

Weaved items, Wood Carvings, Sculptures, Batiks, Leather products, Textiles, Baskets, Wall hangings

Automobile Dealership

The automobile dealership was started in September 2007 as way to help the customers obtain mechanically good automobiles at reasonable costs. The online automobile purchase has made it easy, giving a range of a wide variety of choice to an automobile buyer.

SIL Uganda wishes to responds to this market niche by buy diverse automobile from diverse companies via internet and thus enhance the customer's quality of life.

Our aim is to bring about a distribution revolution in the global automobile market.

Consultancy Services

SIL Uganda is also a Company dedicated to providing consultancy services to companies & businesses distinguished by an approach based on a commitment to transfer to the Client the necessary knowledge and methods of work utilised.

SIL Uganda has accompanied scores of companies to success and many entrepreneurs in the process of growth and globalization.

Since inception SIL Uganda has been offering services of organizational development to small medium businesses.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vision and Mission


Shekhinah Investments Limited (SIL Uganda) is to Influence the spiritual attitude of the East African region with Godly, business principals while becoming the leading importers and exporters of quality Natural Organic Arts, used automobiles and providing quality consultancy services as it draws many to a hunger for God.


To sell superior quality products and services to local customers while providing excellent management consultancy services, and excellent customer service to enhance growth and profit in the East African region.

Who We Are

SIL Uganda majorly deals in natural organic arts, gives consultancy services in business finance and human resources and deals in the importation of used automobiles. It is headed by Ms. Olowo and Ms. Sekiwano.

SIL Uganda seeks to leverage its track record in quality product sales of natural organic arts, automobile dealership, and management consultancy services and to establish a presence and dominance in the market to offer its clients with a complete package of natural organic arts, management consultancy services, and quality used automobiles.

SIL Uganda provides creativity in this dynamic market of products and services along with expertise, know-how to design and export & import products to increase brand recognition and sales.